1 lb. Bee Pollen Infused with Raw Florida Honey
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We produce bee pollen that is ground with the honey, because  1. it increases the shelf-life of the product, and  2. before being ground with honey, bee pollen goes through a special treatment on destruction of the core shell. Honey, having high penetration, completes the process increasing assimilation up to 100% and storage temperature from 0 degrees up to 40 degrees Celsius, thus increasing the shelf-life up to 3 years. The technique of increasing assimilation is a highly-sought after method of production as typical methods yield bee pollen of which only about 10% can be assimilated in human digestion. Our process result in an increase in assimilation of nearly ten-fold and an increase in shelf-life of three-fold



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1 lb. Bee Pollen Infused with Raw Florida Honey

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